tooling for the woodworking industry

Tooltec (HW) Ltd is the largest stock holder of tooling for the Timber Milling Industry. Our tooling is compatible with all major makes and brands, Weinig, SCM, Wadkin, Leadermac.

HSS Centrolock

(Weinig Type)(18% HSS Balanced Pairs)

60mm x 16 mm x 3mm
100mm x 16mm x 3mm
130mm x 16mm x 3mm
180mm x 16mm x 3mm
230mm x 16mm x 3mm
240mm x 16mm x 3mm
270mm x 16mm x 3mm
310mm x 16mm x 3mm

Carbide Centrolock

(WeinigCarbideType)Micro-Grade Balanced Pairs

60mm x 16mm x 3mm
100mm x 16mm x 3mm
130mm x 16mm x3mm
230mm x 16mm x 3mm
240mm x 16mm x 3mm
270mm x 16mm x 3mm



Our company was established in 1981, since then we have sold to the dealer networks in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland and a healthy export market. We offer extremely high quality knives to suit the Weinig system Centrolock.  We carry vast stocks of knives in all dimensions to cater for all machine sizes.

The HSS Centrolock range is made up from the highest quality raw materials, 18% T1 Grade HSS material the best combination of tool life, quality and cost.

The Carbide Centrolock range is made up from  European grade carbide MG18 offering ultimate tool life for difficult materials.

Our knives are machined to size on our new EDM (Electro Discharge Machine) the metal is fully submerged during the cutting to keep the integrity of its structure.

The general tolerance we are working to is an incredible 2 -4 microns!  This ensures all our knives conform to the highest standard for balance. Delivery is generally on next day service direct to your company.

We Supply all types of cutter blocks for the major brands of machines, Serrated cutter blocks, Hydro Sleeves, HSK Powerlock Heads, Jointing stones 7 grinding wheels. HSS Serrated Steel and planer blades are also available in precision cut sizes or bar lengths,  they can be in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm thick TCT Serrated back knives.

We also offer the 12,000rpm carbide knife system, it is a two part system (Fine Knife).  The soft back plate and an ultra precision  carbide knife allowing long runs on MDF or almost any difficult materials.
All available from our extensive stocks, diamond wheels & borazon wheels are ready to complement any carbide of HSS knives.